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Do Sam's Club employees get paid less, the same, or more than… 
21st-Jan-2010 08:45 am
true blood
Do Sam's Club employees get paid less, the same, or more than Wal-Mart employees?

Is it really hard to transfer, either to another Wal-Mart or to Sam's Club?

I'm taking my PTCB exam in December and will be a certified pharmacy technician after that. I've been with Wal-Mart for 15 months (3 months as a cashier, almost a year in Sporting Goods) and am planning on staying through the end of my course because I will be hitting my 2 year mark around that time. However, once I'm certified, I'm not sure I will be able to get into the pharmacy of my store -- it just seems pretty unlikely that any of the current techs will leave before then. I'm within 15 minutes driving distance of 3 more Wal-Marts and 1 Sam's Club. If I up my drive time to 25 minutes, then there are 2 more Wal-Marts and another Sam's Club I could work at. I was just wondering what I should be expecting out of trying to move to a different store in my area.
21st-Jan-2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
Dependingon your state, you may not even need the PTCB certification. I know in NY pharmacy techs are jsut another min. wage job.
23rd-Jan-2010 03:03 am (UTC)
Transferring is really a painless process, provided you stay on top of things. You'll need to maintain regular communication with the management team at the store you wish to transfer to. Just submitting a transfer request in Career Preference isn't enough. Call them every few days or so, send them e-mails if you have access, etc. I hate to use the word "pester," but that's really what you'll have to do in order to get their attention. And if you don't feel comfortable doing that, get your management team to help you out. I remember the co-manager at my old store helping me out a great deal with the transfer process.

As far as pay differences between Walmart and Sam's are concerned, I have no idea. I know nothing about the pay grades at Sam's. The positions there are similar to those at Walmart, but also different in many respects. Depending on the difference in pay grade between your current position and your new one you may lose money, gain money, or stay the same. When I transferred I went from electronics associate (pay grade 4) to photo center technician (pay grade 3) and lost 20 cents in my wage.

Last thing: I wouldn't sell yourself short with respect to becoming a pharmacy tech. My store just recently filled two tech openings in our pharmacy. Certified techs can actually make quite a bit of money. Check this page out for the average salaries for one in New York state: http://www.indeed.com/salary?q1=Pharmacy+Technician&l1=NY If you've seen any of my recent posts in here, I'm actually going to be my store's Over-the-Counter Pharmacy manager in about 2 weeks. I'm thinking maybe about pursuing this path and shooting to be a Pharmacist somewhere down the road.
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