Michele Posey (_anal) wrote in walmart_employe,
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pregnant at walmart...

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I left work Afternoon Saturday August 13th 2011 because I started bleeding, I went right to the ER. The doctor said to take 4 days off. Just so happened Sunday and Monday were my next days off. I come back to work Tuesday and was told to leave the store and must get a leave of absence paperwork signed by my original doctor. I leave and go to my doctor saying I need these papers signed so I can go back to work. He lets me stay off work til August 23 2011. I go back to work August 23 2011 to come to find out I'm being forced to take another leave of absence because I have no lifting 10 lbs or more restriction. Walmart Management is forcing me to take a leave of absence until my restriction of 10 lbs or less is taken off, basically they are making me leave because I'm pregnant. When there is plenty of other females at MY walmart store pregnant and working. A department manager stayed working there til the very last month. Everyone knows a pregnant woman shouldn't lift more than 10 lbs while pregnant, so because my doctor stated it on a piece of paper I can't work? How am I even suppose to pay/buy anything for my upcoming child with no job? Can they do this? Please let me know what I can do or should do? I need my job I have a baby on the way.
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