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pregnant at walmart... 
23rd-Aug-2011 04:16 pm
I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I left work Afternoon Saturday August 13th 2011 because I started bleeding, I went right to the ER. The doctor said to take 4 days off. Just so happened Sunday and Monday were my next days off. I come back to work Tuesday and was told to leave the store and must get a leave of absence paperwork signed by my original doctor. I leave and go to my doctor saying I need these papers signed so I can go back to work. He lets me stay off work til August 23 2011. I go back to work August 23 2011 to come to find out I'm being forced to take another leave of absence because I have no lifting 10 lbs or more restriction. Walmart Management is forcing me to take a leave of absence until my restriction of 10 lbs or less is taken off, basically they are making me leave because I'm pregnant. When there is plenty of other females at MY walmart store pregnant and working. A department manager stayed working there til the very last month. Everyone knows a pregnant woman shouldn't lift more than 10 lbs while pregnant, so because my doctor stated it on a piece of paper I can't work? How am I even suppose to pay/buy anything for my upcoming child with no job? Can they do this? Please let me know what I can do or should do? I need my job I have a baby on the way.
24th-Aug-2011 11:31 am (UTC)

Very often any restrictions that are not related to a workplace injury lead to that associate being out of work until the restrictions are lifted. Your job description states that you must be able to lift up to 25/50 pounds without assistance, so to make an exception to your job expectations without you having gone through the ADA accommodation process would be showing you favoritism.

24th-Aug-2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
What I meant to say whats Thursday I went back to work. Yes I know my job requires me to lift more than 20 lbs. Every other person that has had an accident at my walmart and or pregnant, Ended up at the door as door greeter or as a cashier. Dept manager of dairy had a bad back accident and she stayed at the door for 3 months as well as plenty of others at my walmart. We have no door greeters. Not one hired door greeter. We never have any cashiers... on top of that they pull are cashiers to be the door greeter. As much as I hate being at that door I would like to keep my job and money coming in for the baby.
24th-Aug-2011 03:44 pm (UTC)
was** not whats.
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25th-Aug-2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
I am chemicals and papers goods BUT Ive never worked a day of my life as a chemicals/paper goods. They keep me setting modulars stocking candy and grocery. I believe I am the only person who does modulars in my ZMS area which is HBA,cosmetics, pets, chemicals/paper, grocery and front end. Basically all I ever work is modulars honestly. As soon as one downloads its my job I get it done. AND with no help whatsoever.

They seem to work with everyone but me and I believe its just not fair. Theres nothing I can even do about it because the policy that walmart has... I believe to understand what they decided to do with me is what was suppose to happen but they have everyone else favored? if this makes any sense. IE: pregnant keeping their positions, doctor restriction but staying at the door.
25th-Aug-2011 01:52 am (UTC)
I know many pregnant women worked at my Walmart store.
two of them are manager assistant. Other one is dept mgr and she did worked till she give birth. Every pregnant women worked till they gave birth.
might you should ask your doctor to rewrite your letter to let you get back to work. I think they should still assign something to keep you working...
even as a door greeter or cashier.
25th-Aug-2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
yes my doctor did give me a release letter saying i can go back to work under a 10lb lifting restriction. I believed the same, that I would be able to work the door/cashier just like every other employee that was pregnant/and or restricted.

Ive already talked to personal and they brought the temp. store manager into the mix. They made it clear they did not want me back until I have no restrictions, To take a LOA.
30th-Aug-2011 04:18 am (UTC)
My store always has 2 or 3 pregnant associates and not one has ever been placed at the door or cash (they've all been dept. managers or floor associates). Each and every time they've stayed in their position with accommodation until they went on mat leave with the exception of one woman who was having issues so he doctor made her go on preventative leave.

Light duty the way you're describing it is ONLY for associates who hurt themselves on the job.

Accommodation is what is used for differently abled persons and pregnant women.

Have you really spoken with your management team though? They might be thinking that since your doctor is saying you have to be on light duty that you can't work when really it's just an accommodation issue (equivalent case in my store: we have a lot of associates - 3 I think - that are epileptic, none of them are allowed to use a ladder because if they had a seizure while on it....... so if they need something up high, they just have to ask for help).

good luck and congrats
31st-Aug-2011 05:36 am (UTC)
Normal policy for scummart...if you have an restriction that were not the result of a work accident they won't let you work..
1st-Sep-2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
There was a similar situation at my store at the beginning of the year with the a cashier. I recommended she call the ethics hotline and explain to them what our ZS and Assistant did. She was back to work in 2 days. It seems that if you go to corporate with most issues of this nature they will do the right thing. I think it's because they understand they will get sued more the a store manger gets it. Best of luck to you, keep us updated!
11th-Sep-2011 01:00 am (UTC)
I agree about calling ethics office.
11th-Sep-2011 01:01 am (UTC)
if you are still forced to be on LOA...
you could give ethics hotline office a call and talk with them about your situation.
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