Ken's World (cupboi06) wrote in walmart_employe,

Check your pay stubs!

Today I have realized never to take a computer's word on anything, they screw up too. When it deals with money, that upsets me. For some reason I decided to go over my old pay stubs from the past 5 paychecks, and the last 4 of them show that I havent' got any daily premium pay (the extra 50 cents after 4:00pm). I even checked the Year to Date and it hasn't changed either for the past 5 pay checks. I never had this problem, or at least this is the first time I have noticed it which worries me now because I have direct deposit and usually don't pick up my pay stubs till they are piled high.

Another thing that I find a little strange is I have been working for walmart for over 4 years now, and even though I have been part time for most of my time working there, I think by now I should have at least 40 hours of vacation. NOPE, only 36.11 hours of vacation... after working for walmart for over 4 YEARS! Does something seem not right? It's sad because I have friends that have worked some other places for a year as part time and got a whole weeks vacation already. For as much crap that I have had to deal with working there, I think I deserve at least a full weeks vacation paid...ughh.
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