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attendance policy

Has anyone had the sheer joy of calling the new Associate Hotline to call in late/sick?

Yesterday, I was running late. I had school in the morning. Now mind you, I have class from 9:30am-10:45am, and have to be to work at 11am because my department only generates 7am-4pms and 11am-8pm shifts. Not a big deal, I only have an 9 mile drive to get to work from school and I usually take a road that is less travelled, but still a main road so I can get there in the alloted time. Well, yesterday, I got into my car after class and remembered I had to take a piece of paper to the police department (stupid taillight was out and got pulled over for it and had to get it fixed.. but i digress, that's kind of important to have that working, can't complain really, and i got it fixed for free) so i went to the police department, and then since i parked across the street at McD's, I went ahead and called the hotline before I started my car so that I wasn't driving and entering numbers in while driving.
I call - enter the last 4 of my social, todays date, and my store number. All it then tells me is to "Contact management at your home store" and disconnected my call. This threw me for a loop because I was told that it would give me a confirmation number, and then connect me directly to my store. Well, being that I don't have to punch in numbers when I call my store, I went ahead and started driving and called my store - well, tried to. I called 5 times, let it ring a good 10 times each ring, no one EVER answered. So, I walk into the store, clock in at 11:27am and went to the AD office to tell management what happened. In the meanwhile, someone else was standing there and they said the same thing happened with them the day before - minus the part of no one answering the phone when they called the store.
When I went to the fitting room to get my telexon (I always have to hunt one down to do my reverse picks in whatever department I am assigned to, and just go up there and borrow one of theirs), I saw who was working up there and right then and there, I figured out why no one answered. The lady in the fitting room doesn't like to answer the phone when the call is coming from an outside line because *gasp* too many people call! She is also the one who pages associates by their first and last name when they are getting a call, which is a no-no. She also does A LOT of things she shouldn't be doing. I felt bad for her last week because she got in trouble for making a birthday page - and I only felt bad because it was MY birthday she was announcing... but I digress.

Has anyone else had any run-in's with this new hotline?

Edit: With the whole schedule thing - I got my schedules on Monday's and Friday's switched to 11:30am-8:30pm so that I wasn't late 2 days a week, and I could still be a part of my department, so they just override it when schedules get done.
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