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Wal-Mart Associates
Rehire policy? 
8th-Dec-2007 06:15 am
Does anyone know what wal-marts rehire policy is? is it 90 days? i dont have a termination and worked for wal-mart for 3 years. what is the waiting period?
8th-Dec-2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
I feel like someone told me it was a week.

I do know that if you die, and as a result have to quit, Wal-Mart will rehire you in a week. *shrugs*
8th-Dec-2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Lol, a wal-mart zombie. Goody :P
9th-Dec-2007 02:18 pm (UTC)
we got tons of those at our store.
they work overnights though. =)
8th-Dec-2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
All I know is that at my old store, one of our ICS guys walked off the job one night and called about three days later to see if he could come back. Our co-manager told him that because he walked off (got a "WOJ" on his green sheet) he wouldn't be able to reapply for 90 days.

It could be different for other situations though. Call up the store you're planning on working at and speak to a member of management.
9th-Dec-2007 02:51 am (UTC)
The policy is two full pay periods before you can re-apply.
9th-Dec-2007 12:44 pm (UTC)
Actually, if it's less than 30 days you can just be reinstated without losing anything. Any more than that is at manager's discretion depending on whether you quit and gave 2 weeks notice or if you were terminated for misconduct. Lots of variables here.
9th-Dec-2007 02:18 pm (UTC)
I was frozen food department manager, and i always got Exceeds Expectations. i suddenly had to move and couldnt get a transfer in time. so i didnt really have a 2 week notice but the GM understood my situation so im not sure what kinda status he left me at n all.

Thanks for all the replies
9th-Dec-2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
yep, we had a cashier walk off and she came back not even a week later after talking to the store manager.
14th-Dec-2007 06:26 pm (UTC) - rehire
I'm in the same boat as you and was told I could reapply in 60 days. Also it seems the new hires are getting more money. At the store I worked at they are only hiring part time. I was full time. They have a system of credits to decide your wages. If you have worked at another job for 6 years or more you are entitled to more money. If you were self emplyed for 6 years you are entitled to lower wages. I would like to see Sam Walton apply for a job at walmart and being self employed, told he's only entitled to low wages! He, who started Walmart was self employed.
17th-Nov-2016 05:02 pm (UTC) - Want to get my name off non-eligible list without getting a lawyer
They put me on the non-eligible list in 2009 for touching someone on the shoulder and being angry. She got in my way. I got angry. My stress was up and that was it. She hit me back in the face hard. Prior to this, I was also sexually harassed in the workplace which added to my anger. I was not fired for that. I was the victim. I got no help from the Manager, supervisor and no security guard after being sexually attacked.
After all these years I feel I have the right to start anew and have a job again with Walmart. My record is clean. When I call the secretary, I get the run-around. I just wanted her to make an appointment for me so I could talk to the manager. She says "we don't remember you". Instead of setting an appointment with the manager for me, she gives me a phone number to call. So when I call the number, it is "Joe" and to which he doesn't understand why I am calling this phone number and I am given another phone number to call. So I call that number. I talked to a person whom worked at the headquarters. I am told I would have to call the store were I worked at about that. Well, here we go with full-circle again. No help from that secretary the first time. However, that second phone number I was told to call, they did tell me (I believe it was the new CEO) I could have my name taken off the non-eligible list, but the people at that store where I worked at years ago would have to do it, whether the same people work there or not.
Okay, so I am asking here to see if the policy has changed. What "exactly" can I do? Can I get my good name off this non-eligible list by making an appointment with the Manager or walk-in or do I have to talk with the District Attorney of Los Angeles County and get a lawyer to solve this matter? There are no charges on me at all. Why would there be? The person was not hurt by my touching her shoulder and telling her to leave me alone. But she sure did hit me good. Of course, she was allowed to keep her job.
On another day before all this, a black supervisor, whom they called a manager then, by the name of "Missy", lifted up her shirt up and showed me her naked breast in the back hallway where they keep the clothes on the rack. I did not laugh, but I was offended by it. I was appauld and I thought Wal-Mart should be highly-professional. A security camera was behind her, but I'm not so sure if it saw anything. I left the hallway immediately. No security guard came out that I know of. And once again, I can not find anyone to tell immediately. Working over-nite hours in this Wal-mart store is not a professional place. Maybe now after all these years, it is different now.
What can I do to get my name off this non-eligibility list? Please tell me the truth and don't give me a run-around.

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