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Can someone please clarify something for me? I'm a new full-time employee that has only been with Walmart for a short time (just over 90 days). At orientation, we were advised that we would receive a raise after 90 days and also be eligible for "my share" checks. Now, that we have met our 90 days, they are saying no raises until after one year of service and in order to receive a "my share" check, you are eligible after completing 6 months of service prior to the end of the quarter--which means 9 months of service. Does anyone know exactly how it is suppose to work or is each store seperate?

Something else, please share your opinion. It's valued more than you know. Here's a situation I'm sure not all stores are faced with. What would you do if your store manager was awarded a family vacation at Walmart's expense because of high sales for a certain time period? Add insult to injury during these economic times and you've heard that the store manager stands to earn a very large substantial bonus(tens of thousands) as a result of year end sales. She appreciates everyone, but not sharing her bonus with those who do all the work. In all fairness, if she were getting a bonus that large, she could very well redistribute it back to the employees who helped her achieve the status in the first place.

Seems like Walmart likes to throw money around, but only to those at the top and after other stipulations are met. The good old bait and switch method. We'll tell you what we think you want to hear, but we are going to change the rules after you meet the requirements.

Do you suppose the no raise rule is because they claim they pay such high starting wages? I guess if you can call $7.50hr plus night differential high wages, maybe it's justifiable, but it is almost a slap in the face when you were making almost $11.50hr in another town and another business. I think Walmart wants to pay their employees as little as possible and demand more work from them, while only a select few actually make money at Walmart. 

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