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Wal-Mart Associates
21st-Nov-2014 09:05 pm
Scar13 - sexy goth girl
So. Are your stores being kinda persnickity with the "No Overtime" rule? Are they also always scheduling a skeleton crew? Good, it's not just my store then.

Okay, ours isn't as much of a skeleton crew as much as we're always -3 or -4 people down we're supposed to be.

I'm Connection Center. Love it. Especially now after our Day guy got another job, so now he works evenings. So I get to be the primary person in phones. [Yay, I actually get to do the job I'm paid for]. The only down side? Our store manager didn't like the fact that he got a new job, so the powers that be gave him two choices, either take a pay cut and go to Electronics, or quit. [Instead of letting him stay as CC so we have coverage. Let him basically take my position where he could be scheduled electronics but still get his CC pay]. We have one lady who works mostly in the photo lab [but can cover me during the day if needed] but this time a year, it's extra crazy because of layaway and holidays. And we have our other lady who works Friday evenings, every other Saturday and every Sunday in phones.

So guess who got nearly an hour of overtime because we didn't have someone to take over? If you're guessing me, congrats, you win a sticker. It's used, and kinda furry, but there ya go.

It wasn't me farting around and being stupid, I was actually taking care of customers. I was on the phone trying to get information from Straight Talk [like pulling teeth, i swear] and helping my customer. Who felt bad he was keeping me from going home. He even offered to come back later, But I didn't think that the other lady would take so long. She had to do a pick up today, then customers kept grabbing him to do things.

I told an assistant manager, I told my Department Manager. I do plan on talking to my store manager when I see him on Monday. [Not sure how I managed it, but I was able to get this weekend off]. Mostly to cover my butt. If they look at the cameras from 6-6:45 they would see me at my counter with a customer. [I had to print something out in personnel so that took that last 10 minutes haha].

Hopefully my store manager will be happy that i was helping a customer instead of being stupid.
23rd-Nov-2014 01:17 am (UTC)
At my store they don't let anyone get overtime, not even with the holidays coming up. We lost about 5 people in electronics since July and they just started hiring people. Some days, there were only two people on the schedule all day, one person that opened and one person that closed. I have technically been the only person in the CC department at my store for about a year and it just amazes me what they do to try and save some money.

With all the years I've been at my job we are usually up in sales from the previous year... yet we have way less employees. I don't understand it... Never will.

I can go on forever about overtime or anything about my store... but I'll just end with saying it's good to see that it's not just my store too.
29th-Dec-2014 01:13 pm (UTC)
We're always told that the hours are based on the previous years sales, but corporate has a way of not knowing or realizing that more people = more sales. Can't have one guy trying to cover the entire electronics floor. I help out when I can [if I'm not busy, I don't mind helping and getting games, tvs etc] but it's crazy to expect that.
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