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Wal-Mart Associates
There are days where I think my store manager makes up of changes… 
5th-Jan-2015 11:04 pm
Scar13 - sexy goth girl
There are days where I think my store manager makes up of changes rules on a whim to suit himself more than others. Right now he has a rule (okay it's been a rule for about a year now but still) that vacations "must fall during a walmart week" ... And if you're like me and try to schedule your vacations around weekend things (conventions, fan club events etc) you're SOL because you can't take the couple days before or after your week of vacation to make it work. Or have your vacation start in the middle/end of one week and end at the beginning/middle of the second. (Even though I would miss LESS days that way).

From what I've been told by a couple people who have worked at this store longer than this manager and one who has been at three different stores in two states over 15 years, this is a "[store manager] thing" .... So now I have to prune down my vacation and possibly just request it differently and not use my vacation days (one in May) just so I can get the time I need for it. (Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so expensive to fly).

I requested the first week of February off, And the Thursday and Friday off before it because of a convention I'm going to. Even if I had it planned the week leading up to said event, I still would have needed Saturday and Sunday off.

My assistant manager didn't even tell me about this until this past Saturday, even though I've been asking her since around Thanksgiving or so. Luckily I explained to my SM that I'm willing to give up my Thursday, (I just won't be able to come in until after my friend comes in on the greyhound) as long as I can have Friday. Which he said I could have. So mehhh
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