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Wal-Mart Associates
Wal-Mart to CSM Transition as a Minor to Adult 
1st-Jan-2017 02:23 am
Hi There! I'm Michael, I am a cashier at my local supercenter and am interested as a CSM (Customer Service Managers).

I have a few questions about the policy. I am currently a minor and one of the better cashiers at my local store and have been at my store for almost a year. I started on Jan. 9, 2016 and around october i started to show interest in a CSM position once I turned 18. The way my managers are saying and I'm not sure what they mean. I turn 18 in Febraury of 2017 and Graduate High School in May/June. Do I have to wait until I am out of school or can I be promoted to a CSM as soon as I turned 18. All of the Front-End CSMs have already approved me to go for the position and are more than happy and willing to train me. I also know a lot about the front end since I am almost near and CSM/ Front-End ZS and always learning. They have started to train me for the little things like outlining, Phone Etiquette, Dealing with front-end problems and planning for the day. My FEZS has been pushing me really hard and stressing me and is more than pleased with my work ethic, performance and kindness. My new Assistant Manager is also agreeing on making me a CSM. Whenever there is something that NEEDS done, one of the CSMs or My Front-End ZS will come and ask me to do it because they know I can do it, get it done, and in a timely manner.

If anyone can answer if I must wait until I have graduated or not, then please comment below and help me. 
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