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Wal-Mart Associates
ICS team members?? 
17th-May-2007 11:18 am
Love Yourself
I'm getting hired in for ICS. I worked at Wal-Mart before for 6 years [from April 99 to May 2005] and worked for about a year on ICS. Just wondering what, if anything has changed with InStock since 2005. I hear there's been a lot of changes with Wal-Mart in general.

Any ICS team leaders here??
21st-May-2007 01:06 am (UTC)
Price changes >.<
The backbone of the ICs guide says "no special projects." to me, that's a special project...
21st-May-2007 01:10 am (UTC)
Yep, it sure is. Maybe things have changed since I was there before. I should hope. This was 4 years ago that I worked on ICS before.
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