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Wal-Mart Associates
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26th-Jul-2014 03:22 pm(no subject)
Scar13 - sexy goth girl

My wife has a minor disability (long story short she was thrown from her car and broke her femur. She can't stand for long periods and she can't walk long distances. ) she started working at Wally World in May and we have yet to have any issues regarding parking close. She has a legit handicap parking placard. We do not use it all the time. Today, she parked in the middle of the parking lot (if aisles 8 and 4 were in front of the doors, she would be in 6 or 7) AND past the first cart corral, so in no means close. Management told her that she had to put the placard up, despite her not being parked in the handicapped spaces.

Any one else confused yet?

6th-Jul-2014 12:57 am - Assistant Manager Trainee program
Hey all!
I just got hired as an assistant manager trainee pending my drug screen and background. In the mean time, I have a few questions if anyone out there can help me. Has anyone been through the training? How long is it and what is it like? Is the training store going to be close to me or do I travel out of state? What is the dress code? Is there hotel and meal comp while training? Do we go through regular orientation or is it different?

I know I could just wait, but I am trying to get my mind right and get my stuff together. Thanks for your help!
Like the title says I have been browsing on the wire and it seems the only job postings that are available on the wire are for management. I would like to look up the entry jobs (paygrades 1-5 essentially).
12th-Jun-2014 04:18 pm - help?
how do you find the leadership assessment exam do you type in "leadership assessment"? I tried taking the exam but about 15 different thinks popped up? it wasn't clear, I've bee at walmart for a year and I have had supervisor experience but I can't get my managers to pull their head out of there @$$ and to help me.... I was told it's the one that you take once every so often.
1st-Apr-2014 03:28 am - new dress code?
WICKDSHY [default]
We've been hearing rumors at our store of a new dress code - something along the lines of black pants, white shirts and smocks. Anyone else hearing about this? What's going on with the dress code and does anyone know what's happening with it? Our store manager has been telling associates not to buy anymore khaki pants. Personally, I'm not really loving the idea of having to buy a whole new wardrobe (again) for this.

Thanks! :)
9th-Mar-2014 11:16 pm - MyShare Bonus rules?
Scar13 - sexy goth girl
One of my friends/coworkers has been with walmart 7 months, and full time for 3, and on this most recent myshare bonus, he gets a whopping 14 bucks. [Regular full time people get just over $113, yea, some bonus]. I'm trying to figure out why he's not receiving the full bonus when he works a consistent 38 hours a week. He's going to ask personnel tomorrow but I figured I'd ask all of you as well, just in case.
6th-Dec-2013 02:21 pm - Goodbye
Actors - Dianna Likes Girls
I just wanted to say goodbye, fare thee well Walmart. I no longer work for you.
3rd-Dec-2013 11:37 am - Really random question
Scar13 - sexy goth girl
For working between 7am on Thanksgiving and 7am on Black Friday, they gave us a 25% one time discount. [I plan on getting a ps3, I put one on layaway to hold it JUST IN CASE we didn't have any in stock when it came up for using it]

While trying to figure out how much it'll cost me, do I add sales tax first, then take off my discount, -or- do I do it the other way around, take off my discount then add sales tax? [it would be one thing if they came out the same number, but they don't, a difference of about 6 bucks]

Of course, I love how the powers that be waited until about two weeks before hand to tell us about it. [Or really, tell anything about anything]. If I had known back in Sept when layaway opened, I woulda put my PS3 on then, slowly made my payments, so that when it was time to cancel it out and rebuy it, it'll already be mostly paid off.

That being said. How chaotic was your Thanksgiving/Black Friday? We had a fight in ours over the Doc McStuffins doll [it's even on youtube apparently]. And it was just a clusterfuck as no one told US where anything was going to be. So I had customers ask me where everything was going to be. [A few days before, yea, I can tell them we're not allowed to give out that info, but the day of, they get mad at me because management didn't tell us anything]. AND the 1-hour Guarantee cards, fine in theory, but I think we could have been trained better on that [and told the customers that they didn't have to go in the lines that they were in. I handled large item pickup, and at least a third of the customers could have went to the other lines/get their other things at the same time.
1st-Oct-2013 10:10 am - Jury duty
Scar13 - sexy goth girl
So...I have jury duty summons. I don't know if I'm officially chosen to do so yet, as I won't know until the beginning of November. I can't put in the whole month [it told me I needed to be available between November 4th-November 29th] because, well, I like to work. And I like getting paid.

So how does this work at Walmart?
21st-Sep-2013 01:03 am - Walmart Support Manager question
Hi there! I have recently applied to a Support Manager position with Walmart from the fitting rooms associate position. I am wondering what some of the ins and out will be for the position. What will my major role be in the company and to associates?
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