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This is a community where all of us Wal-Mart Associates can come and chat about Wal-Mart; do we like it, do we hate it, did we have a bad/good day? This is a community for all of us in the Wal-Mart club to vent about work.
A few resources:
1. Associate hotline; 1-800-775-5944
2. WalmartOne.com to access paystubs, schedules, etc
3. Global Ethics helpline; 1-800-963-8442

Community Guidelines:
1. Please do not post offers to buy or sell any product or service, such posts will be considered spam and removed.  Do not post links, images, or other content that contain harmful or destructive content or that constitutes, installs, or promotes spyware, viruses, or junk mail. Please do not harass your fellow posters.
2. Please do not make any posts that break any applicable laws or violate the LiveJournal Terms of Service.
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